Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tall People's Liberation Front Charter

1. Thou shall be tall without artificial help - ie silicon implants are not accepted - see Ash's post
2. Thou shall not play basketball
3. Thou shall not strut around in German looking attire (ie collared shirts tucked into neat pants).
4. Thou shall not participate in dubious religions (ie all).
5. Thou shall participate in the global fight for basic human rights:
- Doorways of reasonable height.
- Enough leg and head room on public transport, in cars and aeroplanes and the like.
- Bench tops should not make you bend over, because bending over is not advisable.
- Clothes should be made available in reasonably large sizes for reasonable prices (and not just be crappy smart casual designs for stupid money - ie Kingsize Menswear in Australia).

- more to follow


Jona Turle esq.

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